Hosting + Domain (Basic)


Duration time: 1 year (renewable)

SSL (Security certificate): YES

Corporate Emails: Up to 5

Domain extensions available for this price: international ones (.com, .net, .shop, .org, .store, .online, .info, .agency)


In order to get your website online, and for us to start designing it, first you need to purchase a domain (which is the name of your site, ie: yourdomain.com ) and to hire a hosting service (which is a server where all your website data is located or hosted). You can always hire these services with other companies or  let us do it for you.

Choosing the hosting provider that better suits your needs is not a simple thing. Depending on the target audience you be addressing to and on the type of your business, some hosting companies and hosting plans will work better than others. On the other hand, if you hire a hosting plan without certain features, we might not be able to set up some fundamental functionalities related to your marketing strategies in the future. We can help you with this important step for a cost-effective price! As your business start growing, and to better handle a larger amount of traffic and/or files, you might need to upgrade your hosting plan later on. We will remain you to do this whenever necessary.


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