Additional WebPage


A single page added to your website with:

Any layout, (columns, separations, sidebar)

Images: up to 24

Text: Up to 3000 words

Buttons: with any color fonts and background (hover functionalities not included)

Tables: simple tables with or without stripes, up to 12 columns and 60 raws

Links: outbound and inbound

Titles: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6



  • Customers must provide all the information, images, etc sending them to the following email address: webdesign@dmt.agency.
  • SEO (Search engine optimization) not included

In order to let us create and edit your website you have to do one of the followings:

  • Create a user for webdesign@dmt.agency and assign to this user a role according to the type of pages you want to create/edit:
    • Editor (pages)
    • Author (Posts)
  •  Provide your admin access (user and password) to your WordPress site.

Note: we only work with wordpress sites.


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