eLearning Website Set Up (Basic)


For this basic eLearning website set-up you must already have your Start Up Website designed (hosting and domain) and running up online. What we are offering here is:

  • Basic Learning Management System (LMS) platform installation:
    • LMS setting up on domain or subdomain (courses.yourdomain.com or yourdomain.com/courses)
    • Fully customizable styles: adapt every area, button or text to your corporate image (colors, fonts, backgrounds)
    • Full System setting up: it allows to upload and manage courses, modules and lessons
    • User registration function
    • Users area with historical information (assesments rates, purchases etc), customizable avatar
    • Teachers area and teacher role for uploading and managing courses
    • Free and payed courses options
    • Automated assesment functions (multiple-choice, single-choice and true or false questions)
  • Course Setting Up Sample: 1 course, 1 module, 1 lesson


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