Quety Tienda de Ropa / WordPress E-commerce Website Web Design

Quety “Tienda de Ropa” (Clothing Store) is another online store we made for a customer in Quito – Ecuador.

Take a look at some screenshots with comments about the project.

Featured products section below the banner in the homepage
Other featured categories and the footer information

Products Page Sample

A sample of a product page with the classic layout
Below the product’s specs we can show a reviews section or not

Special requitement

Special requitement: page to inform about other ways to visit the store
Classic contact page with its interactive Google Map embeded

Your cart page

This is how the buying cart looks like

Check Out Page

Check out page / Part 1
Check out page / Part 2

A friend refered us to a clothing retailer store owner.

The owner wanted to launch her business online due to the pandemic in 2020.

I sent him a free quote and the next day this client was calling me very happy with the price, they thought making an ecommerce website would be much more expensive.

I explained, as I always do, that to develop from the scratches an estore with your own specially customized quote would cost a lot more, but since we have available free plugins like woocommerce the job is becoming more and more cheap and quite reliable.

Woocommerce is a sturdy wordpress program which is tested diary and that is constantly adapting to the fit properly the new web environments (always changing), they launch an update after another very often.

It is used by thousands of people all around the globe and if you need an special feature it is quite probably that you can find it already developed as a woocommerce addon.

And even in the case you need something extra you can develope a plugin for that or change the original woocommerce code .

Woocommerce all in one solution

Business owners use to worry about many things, and they usually ask questions such as:

how to manage the orders? Do I need a CRM or another system to do so? How to deal with taxes? delivery fees? refunds? how to manage stock?

And the list goes on… your mind can literally blow up with so much questions.

The thing is that those questions are the same ones every single business owner need to ask at some moment, and luckely they are already answered in this all in one solution called woocommerce.

What we do is to install it, and setting it up, just that. We won’t last months re-inventing the wheel, we are just going to adapt this powerful tool to your business needs, as we did it for Quety.com.ec.

Take a look at this e-commerce website and let us know what you think.

What type of things would you change for your website? Take your time to make a little research and gather references to better explain what you are after.

In the case you dont have time to do so, we can present you a proposal according to your needs.

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