Web Design Services

We offer 3 main types of Web Design, Web Development and Website Setting Up services: Informational, Transactional and Educational.

Sounds familiar? It might be because in 2002 Andrei Broder (Altavista) published a paper where he purposed search queries could be classified as navigational, informational and transactional. Taking this idea into consideration we suggest to classify our Web design, Web Development and Setting Up services, in a similar way, yet a little bit different.

We consider as “Informational” every type of regular website where users cannot do any sort of payment. “Transactional” is the opposite of course, the one where you do are able to close a sell, like eStores or eCommerce websites. And last but not least, we offer “Educational” websites, featuring also a transactional system along with an eLearning platform that allows uploading and managing courses divided in modules and lessons with automatic assesments, among a longer number of functionalities.

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Informational Websites

The Informational website allows customers to inform about their products, services or just about news, incorporating text, images, videos, ads banners (from Google Adsense for instance) or even games.

Additionally the owner can collect data from users in several ways, the classic one is to place web forms in certain pages (tipically at the Contact Us page or in landing pages) encouraging your website visitors to make an action like “Subscribe” or “Request a Quote”.

You can also gather information about users with Google tools like Search Console and Analytics or using the Facebook Pixel to track customers IP with the aim of making retargeting (or to show them your ads in other platforms, websites or apps).

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Who are our Informational Websites suitable for?

Our Informational websites are suitable for: companies, magazines, newspapers, blogs, recipes, affilliate marketing, personal profile (for fotographers, artists, lawyers, writers) and summarizing, they will work great for any business idea.

Even if you are planning to sell things in the future thru your website or to transform it, in the middle or long term, into an eLearning platform, our Informational Websites are the best place to start. Remember that every type of website we work with is modular which means you can add and remove things and transform them to please your needs.

Transactional Website