Facebook Ads Pack 1 – Beginners


  • Campaign setting up for 1 month trial: target audience + campaign goal: visits to the website.
  • 1 group of 3 ads:
  • Minimum budget to pay Facebook (at a rate of $ 1 USD per day for 30 days)
  • Report at the end of the month with the results of the campaign
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– How does it work? Facebook (or the algorithm) will rotate the ads and show more those that get better results. Depending on the results obtained at the end of the month, we will propose to make the necessary adjustments, test other ads, other audiences, other goals or continue with the same configuration.

– 100% payment will be made after delivery of the promotional video, to the following account:

1. You can either pay thru this website or choose any of the following options:

Deposit or wiretransfer to the following bank account:

Banco: Produbanco

CTA Ahorro: 12722032418

A nombre de: Daniel Alberto Osorio Molina

Pasaporte No.: 135795882

2. Paypal: osoriomolinad@gmail.com


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