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We just made this beautiful woocommerce website for a Jazz Restaurant.

Find out here a little description of what we did. We could do the same for you.

In the homepage we put some key sections linking to inner pages
An about Us page excerpt shows a little about the project nature
They mixed up two powerful ideas: Live Jazz and Asian Food
The testimonials section is quite important to generate confidence
Afterwards we display a short menu featuring the types of food offered
Setting up properly a reservation form section is critical to this type of business
Finally we inserted an interactive map to help people find the place.
We can display your products clusters wherever you want
Choose between variable price and simple price products setting up
In this screencapture you can see a sample of a variable price product
At the bottom of each product we can enable or disable the reviews
And this is Tthe check out page: we configure payment options, delivery, taxes and more

The customer came to me with the need of creating a website for her restaurant, because of the pandemic to better manage the delivery orders they were already receiving.

They started using mailchimp only, to create landing pages and to manage reservations, orders etc. They promote Mother and Son Family Business usign Gringo Post (which is a social network quite used by US expats in Ecuador).

That strategy worked out great at the beggining.

However my client noticed other restaurants were already selling their food online with great results.

According to her customers it would be easier for them to order thrue a really ecommerce website.

I recommended her to take advantage of WordPress and Woocommerce and told her about all the insights, specs and functionalities that this CMS could do along with the plugin and she ask me for a quote. She were very happy with the cost and took her chance.

In just a few days I showed her how it could look using that special theme and she was in awe.

The story is a bit longer but that was all in resume, they were very happy with the final outcome, we still love their food, the place, and specially the live music and go there almost every weekend because is too close from our house.

I did everything, they just sent me the menu with some photos and description, along with the contact and about us information.

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