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    Take a look at the Demo Theme we can install and customize to promote your book.

    Ideal Theme to Promote Your Book in a Simple 4 pages Website

    Home Page includes: Banner Section, Features Section, Testimonials Section, Reviews Section, Book Sample Section, About Section, and Promotional Section.

    Our websites come with SSL certificates, optimized to load fast, AntiMalware Security and Limit Login Attempts plugins to keep it safe. 

    Add up to 4 pages ( 1. Homepage, 2. About the Book page, 3. About the author page and 4. Contact Page). 

    We are offering these kinds of websites with the same free template in order to keep prices low. We can customize styles like: Colors, Fonts, spaces between elements, etc. (using css and html coding) according to your preferences but the layout will be the same. Moreover, we can remove or activate sections but cannot add new sections to the home-page.

    In the case you want a different layout for your website, please let us know in the comments at the end of the form. We can give you other options that better fit your needs, but at a different price.


    We are offering these types of websites  for only $190 USD (Website building – One pay only) + $60 USD (Hosting + Domain name – Yearly payment). In the case you already have your domain and hosting plan you will only be paying for the Website Building part. 

    If you are interested please take a look at the websites samples that we have made with this same template we are promoting now ( and and fill out the web form

    For an additional cost we can help you with:

    • Book cover design 
    • Promotional video about the book. 
    • Layout your book using Amazon tools (starting from a text document).
    • Setting up Google, Facebook and Amazon Ads Campaigns.
    • Translation function: to switch your website to other languages.
    • Other functions like: live chat, customized forms connected to Google Sheets data base, among others.